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Cyber Risk. Quantified.

Know your risk, down to the dollar.

Get Your C-Suite on the Same Page.

Cyber Risk Quantification Designed for the Entire Executive Team.

Maxxsure is a powerful cyber risk quantification platform that identifies, measures, and scores your organization’s cyber risks.

Executive teams around the world leverage Maxxsure to quickly uncover the hidden risks associated with every facet of their business model, illustrate current preparedness and resiliency against a cyber event, and estimate potential financial losses in the event of a breach.

“Cyber resilience is much more than a matter of technology. Agility, balance and high level view are indispensable.”
― Stephane Nappo, Global CISO of the Year
I am particularly grateful for the way in which Maxxsure has helped our executive team members understand the importance of proactive cyber risk management. Your team’s ability to translate complex cybersecurity concepts into business terms has been instrumental in gaining executive buy-in and ensuring that cyber security is a top priority for our company.
― Bob Hull, CFO, Panini America

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Static Benchmarks Won’t Cut It.

Let Data Science
Reveal Your Risk. 

Many cyber risk quantification algorithms rely heavily on readily available, third-party data and benchmarks.

Maxxsure’s industry-leading risk quantification model calculates factors from your internal operations, your external exposure and your 3rd party/vendor landscape which no other solution offers.

The result: individualized, actionable, and highly accurate risk quantification unique to your organization.

Don’t Make Uninformed Risk Decisions.
Get Your Personalized, DNA-Level Cyber Risk Profile.

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Introducing The M-Score From Maxxsure.

Perfect cyber security is a myth - you have to manage the risk. But you don't have to manage your cyber risk landscape through generic data sets based on mediocre averages from other companies.
Maxxsure’s data science uses the highest entity-specific data points for fidelity and accuracy, illuminating your unique risk down to the atomic level across the operational footprint of your people, process, and technology.
With Maxxsure, you can pinpoint your cyber risk financial exposure down to the dollar. De-risk and protect your organization by making data-driven decisions and assure you are optimally allocating your cyber budget to remediate the most financially impactful risks first.
Know Your Risk. Manage it with Maxxsure.

The Maxxsure Platform

Everything an Executive Team needs to Manage, Mitigate, and Monitor Cyber Risk.

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Know what’s covered. And what’s not. Today.

Cyber Insurance Analytics

The only thing worse than getting hacked is finding out you’re not covered anywhere near what you were told. Or sold.

As part of your M-Score, you have access to a detailed Insurance Analytics dashboard that clearly and simply displays your coverage-to-self-insured ratio estimates for an overall loss and/or across a specific loss type.



Organization, Reputation and Career Assurance.

Defensible Cyber Risk Analytics

In the event of a breach, the last thing you want is fingerpointing on the executive team. Protect your company and leadership reputations against future negligence claims with an up-to-date Cyber Risk Registry.

Detailed evidence of your cyber risk findings and associated risk decisions – accept, remediate, or transfer – can be recorded in your Maxxsure platform to show due care and due diligence.

Leave No One in the Dark.

Defensible Cyber Risk Analytics

Develop powerful, visual cyber risk and cyber resiliency reports that can be disseminated to all levels of your organization from the board, leadership, and external stakeholders on a regular basis.
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Are you prepared to survive the financial and reputational losses associated with a cyber incident?
With Maxxsure, You Can Be.