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Your Cyber Risk Shouldn’t Be a Mystery.

And with Maxxsure, It Won’t Be.

Cyber Insurance Coverage Analytics

Maxxsure helps you understand how your existing cyber insurance coverage aligns with your current risk posture. With this knowledge, you can assess acceptable risk, identify areas for remediation, and determine what to insure against. And in the case of an incident, Maxxsure's reports showcase your resilience and maturity from policy issuance to the present.

Prioritized Risk Registry

Maxxsure aligns cyber risks with business reliance factors, creating a registry that prioritizes your highest-impact risks. By pinpointing vulnerabilities in your cyber risk strategy, Maxxsure helps you to develop a prioritized and comprehensive plan for risk management.


Probable Maximum Loss

Maxxsure helps you assess potential financial losses, considering company-wide and partial compromises. By translating your risks into easy-to-understand financial terms, we empower your executives to optimize cyber risk budgets to reach your targeted state of resiliency.

Securing Your Path: Empowering Your Cybersecurity Journey

At Maxxsure, we prioritize simplicity, partnership, and empowerment to help you manage your risk with ease.

Make It Simple

Managing cyber risk is complex, we provide insights to make it as easy as possible.

Build A Partnership

Standing up a robust cyber risk management program is challenging, we collaborate with you throughout your cyber risk journey.

Empower Everyone

Addressing cyber risk is no longer one team’s job, we enable your organization to understand their role in managing cyber risk.
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Cyber Risk, Quantified.

Comprehensive Cyber Risk Management:

People, Process, Technology

A Trusted Partner

We initiate and maintain your risk management platform, offering continuous support as your organization evolves with the shifting cyber threat landscape.

Your Risk Score, Always-On

We provide a straightforward and continuously monitored cyber risk score for your organization, offering clear insights and actionable steps to strengthen your cybersecurity resilience.

Your Full Risk in View

We extend our focus beyond technology to encompass people and processes, providing a comprehensive perspective on your cyber risk and the maximum potential loss from threats.

Measuring Your Risk From the Inside Out

Our Comprehensive Approach to Risk Analysis
Maxxsure’s proprietary cyber risk quantification model incorporates internal, external, and vendor factors as fundamental components, each representing a category of attributes tailored for your organization. The culmination of this process is the M-Score, a comprehensive quantification representing your company’s overall cyber risk, measured on a 0-to-1000 scale.
In addition to your unique M-Score, we provide in-depth insights that meticulously examine your risk elements. This empowers you to integrate a fully informed strategy for prioritizing subsequent actions, whether accepting, mitigating, or transferring your organization’s risk through cyber insurance coverage.
We assess your risk concerning organizational design, security agenda, and board culture to help ensure proper resourcing, communication, and focus. 
We assess your risk concerning organizational design, security agenda, and board culture to help ensure proper resourcing, communication, and focus. 
We gauge people-oriented outcomes, including onboarding processes and security training, to confirm the implementation of crucial cyber risk management disciplines, ensuring high-security resilience and readiness. 
We use real-time Big Data technologies and machine learning to forecast the vulnerability of companies in your industry to a specific cyber risk. This prediction includes an assessment of the potential impact on security and profitability across the industry.
Our neural network operates 24/7, accessing social sentiment data and employing deep learning techniques. This allows us to assess the risk to your technology in response to political or social changes and make real-time adjustments to your M-Score.

We offer support for various customizable governance frameworks tailored to both industry standards and your organization’s specific needs. The central framework is NIST, complemented by others such as ISO, SOX, CMMC, PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, and OWASP SAMM.

We gather thousands of variables from applications, software, hardware, and cloud environments. By integrating this information with industry-specific CVSS data, we can provide a thorough, real-time risk assessment of your organization’s vulnerabilities.

We analyze vulnerability findings to assess your organization's security posture. This involves identifying network vulnerabilities from the perspective of both hackers and insiders, offering actionable insights for improvement.

We offer a third-party supply chain risk report, highlighting vendors that may introduce critical risks to your operational landscape. This includes assessing potential issues related to outdated software, application vulnerabilities, Dark Web breach data, and the overall health of an organization’s digital footprint.

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